The idea comes from the desire to create a better world than the one we inherited from previous generations. So we decided to create something useful starting from waste that is difficult to dispose of. A backpack must be a robust and functional product, which is why we have chosen Cummis®, a material obtained from tire production waste, and a 390 gr per meter polyester fabric whose yarn comes from PET bottles.

See the section "Sustainability" to know our materials.  

Finding recycled materials for the Back to Moon backpack wasn't easy. We have
collaborators specialized in the research and evaluation of material suppliers. CUMMIS® is produced by Center Gomma Srl, a European leader in the production of compounds; for recycled polyester we have chosen the historic Tessitura Oreste Mariani. Consult our production chain to learn more about our suppliers.

It's vanilla! That's right, vanilla. A vanilla flavor is added to the CUMMIS® compound during the manufacturing process to cover the smell of pure rubber. The vanilla aroma stays on the backpack making it a Back to Moon hallmark.   

In the package you will receive you will find a spray with which you can clean your backpack and make it always shiny. With just a few sprays and a cloth, your backpack will be as good as new.

Seasonal collections generate waste with excesses of production and the devaluation of previous items. Our creatives make backpack designs regardless of the seasons and we produce each item after it is sold.


The seasonal formula of the classic fashion companies of the “before
I produce, then I sell "has enormous negative impacts on social and environmental sustainability:
waste of materials, pollution in transport, exploitation of labor a
low cost.

We embrace the new approach: produce and distribute on demand.

Shipping costs are included in the sale price. We deliver by TNT courier within 20 working days.

During promotions they may be necessary
up to 5 additional business days due to high order quantity.

Shipping is free all over the world.

For the attention of customers from non-EU countries.

Please note that imported goods may be subject to duty payment according to the rules and regulations governing the importation of products into the country of delivery. The importer - you - is responsible for paying the duty.

Unfortunately, we are unable to calculate the customs duties that will be applied to the order in advance.


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